Sunday 14 May 2017. Mother’s Day at Meadowbrook

This morning at 5:30(!) it was 61 degrees F under clear, calm skies as I rolled Shadow out to head to Meadowbrook Park.

All around me was business green, interspersed with the orange-red of poppies, the purples, blues, yellows, and maroons of irises, and the bright whites, pinks, and deep reds of peonies.

Though the bloom was further along than I expected.

A patch of irises in two shades of blue-violet bloomed Monet-perfect.


A little way down Race Street, the spruces that shelter the fall Amanita mushrooms were putting out pale green shoots: a promise of health and growth.


Caught another cluster of blooms in a neighborhood garden, including yellow irises.


At Meadowbrook Park, saw the sun come up!


Even caught the sun rising over McCullough Creek at the rabbit-statue bridge.


Was grateful to be there, like I used to do so frequently but lately have managed so seldom.

Not far from the bridge and after the path turned east, saw lots of tender green foliage and fresh, new spiderwort in bloom.


Blackberry brambles put out their white flowers.


In the recently-created little pond along Davis Creek was a trio of Mallard drakes, preening and grooming vigorously.


Stopped at the Freyfogle Overlook and found a bold tree swallow guarding its south edge.


On the way out stopped to photograph the long shadows around the “wonky Christmas tree.”


It was Mother’s Day, a day that brings up so much emotion on all sides: my Mom, my kids, their birth mothers, myself…. But my thoughts presently were unfocused, absorbed into the beauty of the morning.