Thursday 31 January 2019. A Short Ride Below Zero

Well, January almost got clean away without my posting about any bike rides. Must say that along with other distractions, the weather often was not inviting for biking. Today snow and ice covered lawns and many sidewalks in the neighborhood, but the streets were mostly clear, so I got Shadow out of the garage for a January ride to the yoga studio.

It was -6 degrees F(!) and partly sunny at 8 am, and Cedar Street, normally filled with school-day traffic at this time of day, was empty.

School was closed because of dangerously low temperatures.

My head was wrapped in a scarf and covered with a hood against the cold, so for this short ride I dispensed with the usual helmet.

Pedaled down the empty street toward the yoga studio. There was little wind, but still the air was so cold that breathing it was like drawing in a different substance.

Soon reached the yoga studio.

Did not even lock Shadow; who would steal a bike on the day like this?

On the way back, it was hard to ride because the chain kept slipping: probably because the links were so stiff. It was enough riding in the harsh weather. But got to log a trip for January!


2 Replies to “Thursday 31 January 2019. A Short Ride Below Zero”

    1. I am delighted and honored to hear from you and to connect with a place where people really experience the outdoors! You inspire me to do more winter biking. Hope you are enjoying riding in all the summer light up in Finland at this time of year!

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