Monday 24 December 2018. Long-Awaited Time on the Bike: Meadowbrook and Campus

It was 27 degrees F under clear skies, the just-post full moon bright and sinking westward at about 7:10 this morning as I headed toward Meadowbrook Park on Shadow.

It was wonderful to be rolling in the quiet of the Christmas Eve morning, especially since my pleasure rides (still try to commute au vélo when possible) have been growing briefer and farther between.

At Meadowbrook stopped to see the “wonky Christmas tree,”

and also one that portrayed the more standard holiday attitude of upliftment.

rode to the rabbit-statue bridge over McCullough Creek,

and zoomed in on trees reflected in the water.

Rode around the outside of the prairie in my usual counterclockwise direction, stopped to see the “dry bouquets,”

and zooming in to the details of a durable old stalk of compass pant.

Then rode west on Windsor Road and north, probably on First Street to stop for coffee and calm at Flying Machine Avionics. (It’s getting to have been a while since it happened….)

Next, meandered to and through the western edge of Campustown, where a huge new design (I believe that’s what it said) building was going up between Krannert Art Museum and Huff Gym, where for decades there had been an open grassy field.

More progress, of some kind.

Then rode north and east and saw yet another huge appartement going up, presumably to be filled by a succession of student tenants.

Change is the constant, everything is in process: seasons, lifetimes, what we call “home.”


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