Saturday 3 November 2018. Fall Color Arrives at Last!

It was 49 degrees F at 11:20 this morning as I took a detour through Meadowbrook Park on my way home from my work assignment.

Cut across the grass and around the gate to the southwest corner of the park, an unofficial entrance, checked out McCullough Creek below the rabbit-statue bridge, then proceeded clockwise (opposite of my usual direction).

Stopped for orange crab apples set off by the blue sky. Here was some color!

Farther along the path saw a wooly worm (caterpillar) hurrying to get across. Have heard lore about the coloring of woolly worms predicting a harsh or mild winter, but can’t remember the scheme of it.

The prairie was pretty close to finishing with color for the year, though did find the odd purple remnant of New England aster bloom.

Mostly it was dry bouquets.

And here and there, the dark, defined, sculptural, Baptisia pods.

This fall there seemed to be a longer than usual monochrome interlude between the end of the prairie flower bloom and the beginning of fall leaf color. But today, at least among the planted ornamental trees, fall color was upon us.

12 May 2019(?!?)


Apologies for months of lapse! Let’s see whether I can figure out how to catch up! Wish me luck!


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