Sunday 22 April 2018. Day 22, 30 Days of Biking. Riding West Under the Sunrise, and Back

It was 40-something degrees F under mostly cloudy skies at about 5:45 am as I took off on Rhododendron toward Savoy to work. Was so happy to have a little push to get me going and out of the house to witness the sunrise, which I used to do a lot but haven’t for a while recently, due to flux in my schedule. Oh, the balance between the excitement of novelty and the comfort of routine!

Turned back toward Urbana as I headed west on Windsor Road and got a photo of the pink sky.

I arrived at work a little early and then looked at the check-in clock to discover I hadn’t been scheduled for this morning. Oh, well. It was a lovely ride!

Stopped at the Starbuck’s on South Neil Street, on the side of which parking lot were planted little trees richly festooned with bagworm cocoons that swayed in the easterly breeze.

Then rode north on the road behind Starbuck’s that ended with a fence for cars but was just wide enough to let a bike pass and reach St. Mary’s Road without having to ride on Neil Street.

Noticed lots of horses near the historic barn on the south side of St Mary’s Toad just east of Fourth Street, including this one,

who gave a big smile. At least it kind of looked like a smile. Stopped before heading home at the Japan House garden, where the willows were becoming yellow-green and the cherry trees were not quite yet in bloom.

Leaving the garden, stopped for a hellebore photo.

Stopped again on Florida Avenue between the U of I President’s House and the prairie planting to catch a weeping cherry in early bloom.

How wonderful to witness the reluctant, drawn out spring au vélo in the early morning!


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