Sunday 28 January 2018. From Meadowbrook to Mid-Town Champaign via Curtis Road

It was 34 degrees F and mostly clear at 7:30 this morning as I rode Shadow south to Meadowbrook Park, where a group of flickers chattered up in the tree-tops of the remains of the forest planting across Race Street.

The white spot just below the top and to the right of center belongs to one of them.

As I rode toward the rabbit-statue bridge, the early sun slanted along the ground,

illuminating the frost-covered grass.

Mostly liquid McCullough Creek flowed under the bridge,

last year’s riparian growth highlighted with light frost.

Across the bridge, close up to the ground were ice formations.

Tiny fingers of ice crystals grew from twigs and the smallest plant growth.

Had the sense that if I lingered just a bit longer would have been able to watch them shrink and disappear under the warming sun.

But moved on, back out to Race Street and south to Curtis Road.

Stopped to look down where Curtis Road crosses the headwaters of the Embarras River.

Turned north at First Street, stopping briefly in the research park to observe a nest in one of the little landscaping trees.

Proceeded north along First and ended up in Midtown Champaign (there apparently is one!) at the incomparable Flying Machine Avionics cafe for house-roasted coffee and an exquisite egg sandwich.