Saturday 15 April 2017. Spring Along South Race Street.

It was 62 degrees F at 7:25 this morning under partly cloudy skies as I aimed Shadow into the southerly breeze toward Meadowbrook Park.

Had actually wanted to go north to see the Dutchman’s breeches at Brownfield woods but changed my mind in favor of a return tailwind.

My right calf hurt some: snapped the knee back a little too quickly when it went “out” yesterday, and it had other effects. (The answer is more practice, of course.) But not bad enough to keep me from keeping today’s part of my 30 Days of Biking pledge.

Was greeted on the way by flowers and tender foliage under the light of the spring morning.


Nearing Windsor Road, across the field from the U of I Pollinatarium, stopped to look at baby ginkgo leaves against the sky.


Then looked up and saw a great blue heron overhead!


At Meadowbrook rode to the rabbit-statue bridge for the dear customary view of McCullough Creek


Took the shortcut back to Race Street, past a fence from the top of which burst a swarm of male goldfinches, some of which lighted on a nearby tree! Here, if you look carefully, is at least one of them.


Rode on as far as Old Church Road.


On the way back stopped for a look at the “wonky Christmas tree.”


Closer to home saw parrot tulips


Spring was lush and beyond “sprung,” but still so young. As always it was a privilege and a joy to witness.


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