Saturday 4 February 2017. Wandering Instead of Working

It was 17 degrees F with thin clouds spread overhead but plenty of welcome sunshine.

Rode Shadow out to the “research park” because I thought I was scheduled to work this morning. When I got there, however, the office was dark and parking lot empty. Checked my phone but couldn’t find an early email to explain. Digging back a couple of days earlier, did find an email that said the office would be closed Saturday. Ok. I can do something else with this unexpected free time!

Geese flew honking overhead and I managed to capture a glimpse of them.


Lingered a little while at the pond next to the building where I work and observed the trees nearby.


Then headed for the nearby Champaign library and on the way saw a hawk perch in a pine tree.


Then saw another one soar overhead in the direction of the pine, carrying with its talons a bit of dry, viney plant material.

Nesting, I’d guess!

Inside the glass-walled, light-bathed library perused the new-book shelves, where there were many interesting titles, like these.


Enjoyed opening to things like photographs of gorgeous knitted lace and vegan shepherd’s pie, to a philosopher’s discourse on love.

Spent more time than I’d intended, but it was hard to break away from all the attractive books.

Finally headed home and cut through campus, some areas seemingly untouched since I attended the U of I in 1978; others completely unrecognizable

Liked the installation of sculptures honoring a famous U of I alum.

After the time when my shift would have ended, returned to my usual Saturday schedule, glad to have enjoyed the little gifts of this bonus time.


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