Sunday 29 January 2017. Meadowbrook with a Tiny Amount of Snow

It was 28 degrees F and cloudy at about 7:40 this morning as I rolled Shadow down the driveway toward Meadowbrook Park, for a change by way of Vine Street. There were scattered snowflakes descending. And blowing; had some understanding of the concept of “windchill.”

Stopped not far along to see a very large, low-branching maple tree.

img_5065 wondered how old it must be.

At Windsor Road waited at the signal-less crossing for one car then crossed without fuss and went to the left for an atypical (counterclockwise) big loop of the park.

Felt the embrace of the quiet prairie: the sky and the brown expanse of last year’s whispering plant growth. Breathed in the quiet and exhaled gratitude for this place of refreshment.

The cold discouraged me from stopping though several images were appealing enough to overcome the inertia.

Baptisia pods,


compass plant remains,

which are so photogenic in all the stages of their decomposition.

Tall Coreopsis seed heads topped sinuously twisting dry stems.


Bush clover seed heads were handsome dark brushes against the pale winter prairie.


At the rabbit-statue bridge, the railing was sprinkled with snow

as I peered down to check on a fairly clear McCullough (and what I could see of Davis) Creek.

Quickly headed homeward as the snowfall increased.



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