Sunday 11 December 2016. First Snowy Ride of the Season

31 degrees F at 7:15 am

Eager to ride in just enough snow.
Not out as much lately as I’d like. But even the briefest contact with the outside, with nature, fills me with an energy not available from any other source.

So off I went, on Rhododendron, careful, balancing, going with the forward momentum.

It was a good first-snow ride, i.e.,not much snow.


Stopped to see the “forest” where the mushrooms had been.


Then to Meadowbrook Park, anticipating the “wonky Christmas tree”


And finding it,


comical as ever.

Slowed, for safety, the usual fast pace toward the rabbit-statue bridge.


Looked across


then got the customary view of the confluence of Davis and McCullough creeks.


Looked back for a view of the “eponymous” rabbit statue.


Then noticed adorable little footprints of creatures of which I’ve never caught a view!


Was hugely grateful for the silence. There were people ahead of me on the path, but I lingered before coasting down to the bridge to give them space, and a jogger or two crossed the bridge as I got out the iPhone, but then there was a blessed, soothing silence, which I gratefully let soak into me.

And apart from the passage of a small representation of the greyhound club, the silence continued for a while.


The winter prairie
Breathed its comforting whisper
To my aching heart.

Stopped for an upstream view of McCullough Creek, accented with surrounding snow.


Was happy my fingers still were warm. Cheap fleece removable-finger-covered mittens did the trick. Two warm thumbs-up for those!

Stopped at the edge of the park bordered by Windsor Road to observe the rattling indigo pods.


Their stalks of decorative, bead-like shapes persist above the increasingly flattening prairie, a welcome visual relief, though the dark pods are bleaching as winter approaches.

Homeward bound, my fingers were beginning to feel cold, but not so much as I remembered from past trips. Felt ready to take on the next level of winter.


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