Sunday 27 November 2016. Sunday, Through Late Autumn Fog to Phinney Branch

It was 34 degrees F at 6:45 this morning under cloudy, foggy skies.


Had some reluctance
About riding in the cold
But rode anyway.


Fog lay on the ground
It made the morning quiet
And mysterious.


Thought about which ride
Would work best this morning
And chose Phinney Branch.

Rode west on Windsor.
Foggy fields were edged with brown,
The wind blew southward.


Stopped to see the dam
Made by beavers, it would seem,
Between First and Neil.

Fleece mittens, oh, yeah!
They saved my hands from freezing!
The comfort is nice!

Rode on, then, westward.
Got to Phinney Branch, beginning at Robeson Park and kept track of each time I crossed, which I hadn’t done on previous rides.

The path along Phinney Branch crossed back and forth about five times from one side of the creek to the other.

Crossing One: Edge of Robison park


Crossing Two: Scottsdale Drive


Saw a great blue heron glide to the end in the creek but didn’t see where it landed

Crossing Three: just above Scottsdale Drive


Crossing Four: an arched metal-framed bridge at Southwood Drive.


Crossing Five: just above Southwood Drive.


When Crescent Drive crossed Phinney Branch I turned east on Crescent and then south on Parkdale drive and rode till it ended abruptly at the parking lot of the strip mall on Kirby and Mattis.


All this wild riparian exploration happened within or close to the city limits of Champaign. Felt like I was in on a well-kept secret.


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