Sunday 16 October 2016. Rainy Mushrooms and Gentians

It was 64 degrees at about 7:45 this morning under cloudy skies and the beginnings of light rain as, equipped with raincoat and waterproof backpack, I rolled Rhododendron out of the garage toward Meadowbrook Park via Race Street.

Approaching the double line of spruce trees along Race, thought there would not be much to see of the Amanita muscaria mushroom population, but also wondered whether it might be having a second manifestation.

Found that there still were some reasonably healthy fruiting bodies (mushrooms) at early stage


And later stage,


some newly emerged


and even some not quite emerged yet, barely breaking the surface of the soil.


But many more were “withered untimely”.


The scene was interesting but not wondrous or magical. (I apologize to readers who may have wanted to see the fairy-inviting scenes described a couple weeks ago.) But this absence of magic is one reason why the magic is so magical when it is, or so I believe.

At the Race-Windsor crossing practiced being open to change


and observed an irate driver sounding their car horn, but couldn’t make out what the offense was. Of course I attributed it to the micromanaging stoplights. Tried to think of how people felt when the very first stoplights were installed. Something similar?

Thunder rumbled (which set off a song association so I sang) and so decided just to make a beeline to the “upland cardinal flower site”.

Rolled fast downand around on the path (which was strewn with fallen walnut leaves and gave me a little fright to navigate, like ice) to the rabbit-statue bridge.


Over the bridge, around the corner, and down a short way, there they were among the willow shoots: bottle gentians!


There even were a few late tickseed blooms for contrast


How glorious they were, those clusters of little blue Hallelujahs!

Even the faded blooms didn’t much detract from the beauty of the bouquet.

Was happy with the find and wanted to get back before it might storm.

But first a couple of prairie dock leaves, one brown and curled and the other still green, caught my eye.


Got a view of the rainy path


then enjoyed the light rain on the way home with this song playing in my head.


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