Sunday 28 August 2016. Meadowbrook and East Curtis Road

It was 72 humid degrees under mostly cloudy skies this morning at 7:15 as I headed out on Discovery II to meet a friend for a Sunday morning ride.

We looped through Meadowbrook Park and discovered great blue Lobelia on the recently managed Peg Richardson Hickman Wildflower Walk.


Showed my friend the cardinal flower sites, and she liked them but was not up for traversing the stickers and mud for a close look.

Also we stopped to admire the secret legions of cream gentians at the Freyfogel overlook.


Then on we went toward Philo Road and east on Curtis Road.

Loved being in the open spaces while my friend and I had good conversation! Reminded me again that good conversation may be the most fundamental of human needs and as such the most precious of gifts. We did, however, worked up a good sweat in the humidity and relative stillness of the air. Not usual for a morning ride.

Was usual not to get a lot of photos when with company


but was glad as always for the ride and grateful for my good friend with whom I could share it.


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