Saturday 27 August 2016. Late-Blooming Blue Flowers and Other Wonders Near Japan House

It was 72 degrees F and mostly cloudy at 6:45 this morning, pavement and greenery still wet with recent rain.

It would be a quick trip this morning on Discovery II to Japan House garden, where I hoped there would be bottle gentians.

On the way my attention was arrested by large white mushrooms, roughly in a ring.

Love those manifestations of mystery.

Did not plan to stop on the path to Japan House, but the helebores, up since at least early February, were so astonishingly vigorous-looking, with their shiny green leaves and their flower-like remains of flowers, I couldn’t resist a photo.


Then to the side of the pond, where I was greeted by an abundance of great blue Lobelia, the blue first cousins of cardinal flowers!


Made sure to get close-ups of the complex flowers.

If you look closely you can see why they and cardinal flowers are congeners.

There also was an abundance of bottle gentian!


Some of the plants looked stressed


But there were a lot of them


and it seemed to be fairly early in their bloom.

Got a view of a clump of sneezeweed near the pond’s edge.


Heard and saw a lot of geese overhead

These days it’s easier to like them in the sky than on the ground.

Stayed just a short time, enjoying the hint of topographic relief


and proceeded on with the day.


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