Friday 29 July 2016. Japan House Cardinal Flowers

At 6:45 this morning it was 66 degrees F, with clear skies.

Was short on time, but needed to connect with the morning.

So rode on Discovery II to the pond at Japan House because I’d seen cardinal flowers there at this time last year.

On the way noticed mushrooms, not unusual ones, but many around the base of a large hackberry tree right next to the street. Actually passed it up and turned back to take a closer look. This apparently looked odd to a passing driver, who stopped to ask if I was ok. “Just looking at some mushrooms” I replied, thanking him for his concern.


Made a beeline for the pond at Japan House and searched for red flowers, which were not hard to find


Saw a damselfly resting on a Cardinal flower bloom.


Walked around the pond and saw Liatris


as well as more cardinal flowers


and pickerelweed.


Spent a little time trying to capture being under a nearby spreading sycamore tree


then headed back to walk Sparky

our old Bichon Frise, and head over for day five of the awesome weeklong summer yoga intensive.


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