Sunday 17 July 2016. Lots of Big Corn and a Peek at Bondville

This morning at 6:10, after succumbing to the urge to do a little modified Surya Namaskar in the wet grass of my back yard (echoes of Yoga in the Park), rolled Rhododendron out of the garage and headed south toward Windsor Road and then westward.

The sun was up (have had few views of the disc at the horizon this summer, as compared to years past, alas), but the sky was darker than I’d expected, so turned around to look east.

Saw a bright smear of sun through filtering clouds: hoped they would not thicken and complicate the ride.

Stopped at the City of Champaign Prairie Resroration Project, which today again seemed to cry out for stewardship, though a variety of July prairie flowers were represented, if not abundant (yellow coneflower, wild bergamot, false sunflower). There was a good population of compass plant with open yellow flowers near Neil Street.


They look so good close-up.

Also, note the little frame of side-oats gramma grass.

The leadplant were all out of bloom but still not unattractive.


At first was tempted to not go far so I could sit and catch up on blog-writing. But once I cleared Duncan Road just wanted ride out into the corn.

Then did a lot of straight riding, and felt better and better the farther out I went. The route looked pretty dog-free, which was nice.

Turned north at Staley Road


which bordered a great length of expensive-looking residential real estate. Wondered what people out here did for a living.

Crossed a creek bordered by manicured lawns.


On Staley Road just south of Bradley was an old farm house with nice gingerbread trim that didn’t look long for this world.

Or maybe someone was just getting down to some renovation.

Rode a little bit farther north on Staley then decided to go west on Bradley.

Got a view of the corn from Staley south toward Bradley, where the land dipped a little.


Rode out to Barker Road (500E)


and turned south, which took me through downtown Bondville,


the first time I’d been there on bike.
It had a cute little (apparently functional!) post office.

Wondered whether people in the couple of cars that passed though when I had my iPhone out that I was looking for Pokemon.

Turned east at 1500N (eventually to become Kirby Avenue), which took me deep into the monster tassel/eared corn,


the air there permeated with that corn-water smell. Thought once again about that edge between solitude and loneliness, but just briefly.

Stopped at another creek crossing, where a monster-great mullein grew.


Disturbed a great blue heron on the other side of the bridge, which flew upstream (or north, anyway) and landed where the full-zoom of the iPhone could just barely detect it.


Then rode straight toward home on not-especially-picturesque Kirby, and my right shoulder (but not either hip or knee, thank you very much!) began to nag that it didn’t like the position I was asking it to maintain. But it was a good 20-Mike ride. And soon there was coffee and writing!


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