Saturday 16 July 2016. Yoga in the Park!

It was 70 perfect degrees under a perfect blue sky this morning at 8:30 as I approached the Vine street entrance to Meadowbrook Park, yoga mat secured to Discovery II’s rack.

It was my day to teach Yoga in the Park!

On the way, stopped to observe the purple and yellow coneflowers, common and sometimes stricken with wilted petals but here shown in their glory.


Although I’ve been through this park hundreds (at least) of times, today was new. Usually Meadowbrook Park is “my” haven of solitude; today it was full of people, and I was grateful to be among them. Felt embraced by and ready to extend a spirit of welcome.

Led 50 people as best as I could! It was not the kind of class I, especially as an Iyengar teacher, would have taught in the studio, but I watched the students I was able to see, stuck to poses not likely to produce dangerous mistakes, and made as much eye contact as possible.

Felt my energy start to lag a bit toward the end, but we all survived, and I think with some enjoyment!

On the way back got a photo of a red-winged blackbird scolding me for coming too close to his territory.


Was full of joy and gratitude (and a bit of post-excitement fatigue), eagerness for practice, an awareness and need to let go of the pumped ego. Ready to take the next step into the unknown.


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