Friday 3 June 2016. A Good Look at the Old Iris Patch

It was 59 degrees F at 5:20 this (yet another!) beautiful morning.

Rode Discovery II to Meadowbrook Park, today via Vine Street.

The early morning sky was decorated with pink clouds. Was happy to have been there for it!

Rode through the woods along McCullough Creek (the “small loop”) and saw lots of spiderwort and foxglove Penstemon.

Passed through the Hickman wildflower walk, which seemed less devastated by the current management regime since some new vegetation has appeared, but did not photograph it.

Rode to the rabbit-statue bridge to get the customary view of the sun coming up on McCullough Creek.

Then on to check out the iris, to which a path had been cut through the willow shoots.

Availed myself of it and, lo and behold, there was the old patch in bloom.

The color and simple, graceful lines of this flower make one want to take a lot of pictures of it,

Against the sky or close-up.

Farther down were more foxglove Penstemon with sunrise clouds behind them,

more spiderwort with the morning dew starting to evaporate.

Caught the first glimpse this year of pasture rose (Rosa carolina), tolerant of disturbed conditions but native and a beautiful contrast to all the beautiful blue and white of the spiderwort and Penstemon.

Then another view of spiderwort against the sky

and a spiderwort close-up

before checking the handsome-leafed lead plant

Stopped to take in the bright array of service berries (where did that name come from?) near the Vine street entrance to the park

before riding homeward.


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