Wednesday 25 May 2016. The Beginning of the Flower Explosion

This morning, beautiful morning, at 5:30 it was 64 degrees F and mostly clear but with some long, light clouds.

Took Discovery II and headed to Meadowbrook Park because I knew it was time for some long-anticipated beloved flowers to be blooming. A few warm days had passed since I saw their first signs….

Did not get far before I wanted to stop. First the lupines,

then the yellow cabbage roses.


Then a little way down was a bed of garden iris that rarely drew my attention before but today was as dense and compelling as a painting by Van Gough or Monet

Even yesterday’s expired blooms contributed to the overall effect.

Continued south on Race street. The morning was was soft and fragrant. Felt light and at one with my surroundings.

At Meadowbrook stopped at the “wonky Christmas tree,” the humorously drooping branches of which were lush with new growth. It so looked like the Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street.


At the rabbit statue bridge over McCullough Creek got a nice sunrise shot in the customary place.

The water level is down from where it’s been, but it still is fairly high.

And down the path went to look for blue flag irises. On the way noticed the first blooming foxglove Penstemon among the willow shoots

Then saw among the willows in a little tree a crested, almost cardinal-sized bird that wasn’t a cardinal–it was too dark.

A waxwing of some kind?

Did not see iris flowers in the spot where I’d seen them before, but then saw them in a new place, not far away.

img_6530 Beautiful.

As happens commonly at this time of year, saw deer who ventured close to the paths, decorated with foregrounds and backgrounds of spiderwort, beardtongue, and blackberry blossoms.


And rode on, past more lovely spiderwort and Penstemon. Near the Freyfogel observation deck got a look at the attractive foliage of the lead plant, whose bloom draws nearer,

as well as the sky over the prairie.

As I progressed along the path, noticed how the spiderwort occurred in endless lovely arrangements, e.g.,

img_6562 with some sky above,

with foils of, e.g., compass plant leaves,

or very blue and close-up.
The Penstemon, snowy and majestic in their own right, only made them look more lovely.

The clouds,

which looked like they’d been pulled apart suddenly, were nice, too.

The abundance of this beginning of bloom, the color, texture, shape, etc, especially as the memory of the long, uniform winter still lingered, and my desire to capture it somehow made me think of the five Yamas, the first of the eight limbs of Patanjali’s tree of yoga, and the first to come to mind was the last of the five: Aparigraha, or “non-greed”. Trying to get better and better photos of the unfolding bloom starts to make me feel greedy, especially when it means going off the path to get an even better view of a yet more beautiful flower, to spend more time than I actually have in the pursuit. And then thought of Bramacharya, or propriety (“continence” is another word that’s been used) in sensual engagement. Flowers are the sexual parts of plants, after all, so appropriate for human courtship. At the same time, their beauty is every bit as appropriate as comfort in illness and grief. Next thought of Asteya, non-stealing. Could understand how someone might want to pick the spiderwort or Penstemon flowers and bring them home. Satya, or truthfulness: remembered people with whom I’ve been in this beautiful place and the limits of my truthfulness with them, and with myself. Even the first Yama, Ahimsa, or non-harming, seemed to have an application. Maybe my tramping off the path to get close to treasured flowers doesn’t cause a lot of harm, but it seems to be the human way to leave a path of harm (garbage, disease, etc.) in the wake of exploring new places.

Thought also, the season’s bloom is like a firework display in slow motion. It is and will be a glorious show!


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