Friday 20 May 2016. Catching the Early Sunrise

It was 53 degrees F at 5:17 this morning as I headed toward Meadowbrook Park on Discovery II. Decided it was worth going a little more slowly to be able to sit up and get a better view of the scenery.

Stopped for lupines

And noticed pink reflections in the windows of the house in front of which the lupines were planted.

It was the sunrise!

Was so glad to catch it, at last, even if the iPhone camera did not capture the subtleties of its colors.

Rode steadily, in comfort under the now quite business-green-leafed trees along Race Street, to Meadowbrook, where aready walkers were enjoying the new light. Exchanged greetings with them and then lingered a while, looking upstream into the sunrise, at the rabbit-statue bridge before getting a picture.

Again, the colors of the sunrise over McCullough Creek did not all show up in the photo.

Got a few more sunrise photos

Including one with a deer about to cross the field of view.

There were quite a few deer, collected in two groups in the middle of the prairie over which the Freyfogel platform looked.

Spiderwort were visible

but not thickly and still mostly away from the path.

Then went on to the morning’s next activities.

Thought about how small a window these morning rides are, full as each one is, on life with all its tangled worries. They are a little less brief than the sunrise, and the more precious for that, for being possible and always in some way joyful no matter what else may be happening.


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