Friday 6 May 2016. Sunrise on Green Meadowbrook

It was 45 degrees F at 5:45 this morning, the sky clear, at least on the horizon.
Rode south to Meadowbrook Park, not especially focused, then saw a group of large deer on the mown grass among the ornamental trees

There was some mist on the ground that reflected the sun.

As always, the view of McCullough and Davis creeks from the rabbit-statue bridge was an attraction

but it seemed especially lush and brilliant in today’s slightly foggy dawn.

The air was so fresh and so fragrant! Couldn’t put my finger on the source, but it was lightly sweet and delicious.

And the sunrise from down the path was quite photogenic.

Farther down a little way was the spot where I knew there were irises about to bloom, but didn’t want to wade among the possibly tick-infested willows to get close enough for a good photo. Settled for this iPhone-zoom shot.

Thought I could pick out buds. Must devise a strategy to get close to them!

Crossing the little arch bridge over Davis Creek got another nice view of the sunrise

Noticed quite a few tree swallows, flying with their pointed, glossy wings and sitting defiantly on on various perches (Glendy, did you notice the correct spelling?) along the path, like this pair on the sign at the entrance to the soft path through the prairie.


Down and around to the Freyfogel Overlook, there was a tree swallow tenaciously stationed on a corner of the structure.

Not wanting to disturb it, I bypassed the ramp and stairs and climbed to the platform to get a shot of the blue and clouds and line of trees in shades of light and medium green–past the yellow-green and densely-flowered stage.

It seemed like a transition I’d never caught before at quite this stage.

Was glad see the brave swallow unmoved as I left, glad my proximity hadn’t forced it away from its post.

Saw lots of golden Alexanders blooming in the prairie near Windsor Road.

Have to remind myself that they are native and early-blooming because they don’t pull at my attention the way other flowers do.

Away from Meadowbrook and back in the neighborhood noticed that the many-soft-greens-in-the-morning-light phenomenon was all around!

Sweet middle of spring! And I got to see it!



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