Thursday 5 May 2016. Going Out Was Nothing. Coming Back Was Something.

This morning was cloudy, and so the light did not appear as early as it otherwise would have at this point in the spring. Good thing, because I’m still working my way into being up to greet the dawn “au velo.”

And it was cold, to the tune of 43 degrees F–brrrr!!! Hauled out the fleece hood, which was not a mistake.

Got Rhododendron rolling south on Race Street by a little after 6. The poor thing is squeaky with the ravages of even this mild past winter. Must get her a post-winter tune-up.

A little way on had to stop for a lupine shot.

Over all I favor native (to Illinois) plants, but am not above falling for a beguiling exotic, of which this surely is one.

Then rode on, the cold and grey not drawing my attention away from thoughts about change, about loss and opportunity, about serenity, courage, and wisdom. Thought about the craving for a vibrant, big, even spectacular (in an emotional and spiritual rather than material way OF COURSE!) life and the obstacles to having it. The images I capture on these rides are a sign of my vibrant life, aren’t they? But at the moment they weren’t offering themselves; it was just ordinary riding. For now just rode, like swimming laps. Go and let go, let go.

Today’s route was to be straight out to the end of Race Street, but did cut over to Meadowbrook Park just for a look at the “wonky Christmas tree,”

which was bedecked with the tender, light-green shoots of its new growth and looking like a big, shaggy quadruped.

Also stopped for the McCullough/Davis creeks from the rabbit-statue bridge shot.

The water still was quite high.

Then “Texas-exited” the park

back to Race Street.

Loved the trees along the creek and close to the road, but then felt a thrill as the landscape opened out into the flat emptiness of central Illinois.

It was slightly less empty for the corn starting to come up.

The ride was smooth. Suspiciously comfortable, I started to think. And were the grass-blades next to the road bending in the direction I was riding?

Thought about cutting west to First Street but decided that the road into which Race Street “T”ed was too busy.

So turned back north and was greeted with the north wind and what also seemed like an uphill grade.

It was exhilarating at first, and then less so. On and on. Felt like such slow progress! Hard breathing, runny nose, slightly aching back. Keep going. No pictures. A bit of adventure. This is like any hard time or difficult task: apply the required effort, keep going. Breathe, breathe. Whew! Have a ways to go to be the cyclist I imagine myself to be.

At the new Windsor Road micromanaging stoplights where I usually wait impatiently was glad for the rest! 😊

Then gratefully proceeded home.


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