Sunday 1 May 2016. Foggy Ride to the Southwest

It was 53 degrees F at 6:35 this morning, with cloud skies and fog.

It was a morning just to ride.

Which turned out to be west on Windsor, with a stop at the City of Champaign Prairie Restoration Project.

img_5991 Looked for signs of lead plant but a cursory examination revealed only last year’s remains.

Rode on west and stopped where Windsor crossed Phinney Branch,

img_5996 which was full of rushing water.

Turned west on Duncan Road. Was a little nervous about riding in the fog with no bike lane, so got on the sidewalk. Until it ended.

Fortunately did not have far to go before arriving at Curtis Road with its marvelous bike lanes.

Saw a number of mallard ducks in the ditch and in flooded fields next to Curtis.

img_6003 They all were drakes. Made me wonder whether the hens were off laying eggs in protected areas.

Stopped at the crossing of Curtis over the Embarrass River for a shot of the high water and the very green banks.

Stopped a little way on to catch the tiny shoots of corn that recently had appeared.

Close to home, looked down Race Street to see a foggy tunnel and the path to the rest of the day.


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