Friday 29 April 2016. Welcoming the Season of Light

It was 48 degrees F and mostly clear at 5:45 this morning, the sun due to rise before 6. It’s time again to be up and out to witness the world revealed by this extra portion of light.

Headed south on Rhododendron for a quick loop around Meadowbrook Park. Close to Windsor Road there was fog (mist?) on the ground.

Did the mandatory shot of McCullough Creek from the rabbit-statue bridge.

And also got one looking over the bridge and into the “prairie ” at the south end of the park.

There was quite a bit of low fog at Meadowbrook Park, thickest in the middle of the prairie. Thought that in years past it was common to see deer in such mist. Then there one was. Then thought it was common for there to be more like than one deer, and then there was another. Not to say these rides are becoming predictable.

Got a couple more sun-and-fog shots like this one.

Then, just over the little bridge over Davis Creek, in the area undergoing “restoration,” there was a group of deer, so picturesque by the stream, under the tree, with the fog for atmosphere.

It was like we all were there expectantly welcoming this soft, foggy morning, this unfolding warm season.


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