Friday 22 April 2016. The Opening Bloom of the Meadowbrook Shooting Stars

Rode out to Meadowbrook Park on Discovery II at around 5:30 pm. The sky was mostly clear and the temperature was 57 or so.

Destination was the center of the Spomer Prairie to greet the shooting star blooms, which after the several days since last visit surely would be at least starting to open.

Actually went with slightly less enthusiasm than otherwise because I’d brought back two ticks from a walk around the park with a friend and our dogs the day before. Just needed to be careful and observant…

On the way, my attention got snagged by a couple of blooming crab apple trees.

Not native, at least not this cultivar, but who can resist such a gorgeous profusion of early bloom?

Made the customary stop at the rabbit statue bridge,

rode on and then across the little bridge over Davis Creek, and walked the bike through the no-bike zone into the prairie. On the way to the shooting stars met up with a couple of very unconcerned deer.

Then, where the path split in two places,

there were the glorious little stalks rising from amid the small clusters of top-rounded upright leaves.

Each stalk bore several flowers: each flower a circle of five white petals that streamed upward, away from a downward-facing red-dotted, yellow point of compressed flower-reproductive parts.

They were emblems of grace.

Welcome, first prairie flowers of the season!



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