Friday 15 April 2016. Crayfish Chimneys and Shooting Stars

At 12:30 pm it was 73 perfect degrees under a clear sky.

Rode to Meadowbrook Park to check on the shooting stars, for which I had to cross the little wooden bridge over McCullough Creek and walk Rhododendron into the Spomer Prairie.

First stopped at the “seep” (water trickling out of the ground, by some means) near the bridge.

Noticed a lot of crayfish chimneys, little works of invertebrate architecture, near the stream.

Then walked Rhododendronon on the “soft” path into the prairie, where I looked and looked al around for shooting star leaves but found them only in the two little patches where I’d found them each of the past several years.

They still barely showed early-stage flower buds. I love to be there for the very beginning of the bloom!

Was dismayed to see this bottle in the middle of the prairie.

Thought someone who would select this cleverly packaged beverage might also have the mindfulness to dispose of it properly, but the deed was done and I was pretty sure the person who left it wasn’t coming back for it, so I picked it up and packed it in the front bike bag to recycle.

On the way out of Meadowbrook caught a view of a not especially thickly blooming weeping cherry and a budding redbud against the blue sky.

img_5607 Still said “spring.”

This ride was brief and less focused than a morning ride but it, like all bike rides (especially in the spring) easily yielded gems.


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