Saturday 26 March 2016. Patience and Surrender

This morning at 7:00 (the sun already had cleared the horizon) it was partly cloudy, the temperature was 34 degrees F, and the wind was blowing lightly from the mysterious east.

It was the last day of spring break, which meant I had no yoga class to prepare to teach later today. But used the pre-dawn time to focus on Pranayama: the exploration and direction of the breath. This morning it helped me think about some presently challenging aspects of my life… As described in the current issue of Yoga Rahasya, Pranayama (like other aspects of life) is deep, complex, and difficult. But that’s not a reason to avoid practice, even when it’s shaky. Approach with an open, humble mind and there will be fruit.

Got on Discovery II and headed into the east wind, wondering whether there would be any woodland wildflowers, like the ones I’ve been seeing planted around the neighborhood, under the bordering trees of Weaver Park.

On the way got a nice shot of the sunrise next to the courthouse.


Rode the East Main Street bike lane and stopped at the grove of oaks across Main from the Dart plastic factory.

Did not see any sign of the Sunday morning fox, but it wasn’t Sunday, after all. The fox seems to know.

At Weaver Park, there was frost on the grass
in front of the entrance to the path.


Did not walk in far, but heard waterfowl (geese, probably) sounds coming from the pond on the other side and planned to check out what migrant ducks might be there next time.

Did not see any spring ephemeral flowers under the trees of Weaver. Did get a shot of this group of trees that evoked Easter to me.

On the way home, even with a tailwind, felt a little cold and not completely in tune with where I was, looked forward to being inside. Had the thought: “what is patience?” Making a little space for whatever is not at the moment fulfilling my desire? What a useful idea; life is replete with such times, from attempting Pranayama to raising children to wanting to be done with the ride so I can write about it. And how much patience does it take to equal surrender? Not there yet but working to point in that direction.


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