Sunday 13 March 2016. Spring Forward into Fog

It was 57 degrees F at 6:45 (new time) this morning, with light rain and fog. The sun would not be up until 7:06, so was happy to be there for a good part of the event of the dawn.

For a winter ride it was pretty comfortable, but still there was the constraint of time. And of the fog. Was drawn to Meadowbrook Park which I could reach relatively safely through the fog via the long length of bike lane with few cross streets. But also wondered what the Japan House hellebores were looking like…

So made a short trip there on Discovery II and saw that the early hellebores had sustained damage but still bloomed, a number wide open and luxurious amid the party browned foliage.

Farther into the garden, fog softened the landscape.

The pond and its surroundings especially looked ethereal and mysterious.

There still were some of last year’s standing plant remains around the pond, which gave the sensation of being in winter and then looking ahead (if not exactly of “springing forward”) toward the approaching spring.

Ready or not.


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