Saturday 12 March 2016. Increasing Color and Shape from the Ground

It was 48 degrees F and most cloudy this morning at 7:30 on a brief spin on Discovery II , after preparing to teach my afternoon yoga class .

It was a relaxed preparation; I’m slowly learning what to have ready vs. what to wait to see what the students bring on a given day. Focused on Supta Padangusthasana, a pose that took me a long time to love. What might a beginner be able to understand about it?

Once again didn’t have time for a ride but knew wonders were developing, for example, the at the lovely witch hazel

and hellebore site.

This early-emerging one seemed to have grown some but still had not changed much, even as other bulb flowers were emerging and bursting into color all around.

In full, fresh bloom were red-violet iris


and blue-violet iris.


All around were yellow crocuses, here and throughout the neighborhood, but didn’t photograph them this time.

And there were more hellebores coming up, like these

And more, but it was time to go.


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