Sunday 28 February 2016.

This morning at 6:40 it was 43 degrees F, the sky very clear. Had a sharp view of that clarity as I was getting ready to go and through the kitchen window there appeared, in a discernible moment, what had to be the day’s very first pre-dawn light, something I might otherwise have gone my whole life without seeing .

And did make it out (after practicing headstand with the memory of a the extension of my heels lifting the shoulders, with the help of two belts) before the sun had gotten too high.

Took Discovery II slightly north and eastward toward Weaver Park. The wind was coming from the south so preferred today to ride east-west so as to deal mostly just with cross winds.

My mind did not share the sky’s clarity, but it felt good to ride.

Brought the camera with zoom to catch a discernible view of the fox I’ve been seeing from east Main Street near the little grove of oaks.

img_4892But didn’t see it today.

Then, a little farther down, behind a line of brushy trees, a fox-sized shape moved and stopped. Alas, could not get the camera to focus on it. But I’m sure it was there.

At Weaver Park caught the sun disc emerging above the neutral-hued landscape.

And turned back. Did stop for snowdrops in the garden where in summer I’d seen royal catchfly and lead plant.

The dangling white blooms shook in the south wind, which I was glad this morning not to have had to confront directly.


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