Saturday 20 February 2016. Tracking the Helebores

7:22 am, 41 degrees F, the sky mostly gloriously clear. 

Practiced yoga first. Prepped for class last night, now focused on my own practice, my own points of awareness, i.e., where I need to work. Which comes out in my teaching and also is good for my students!

A simple task beckoned: check the neighborhood Helebores, and the ones near Japan House. 

Actually almost skipped this ride, thinking I could catch the Helebores tomorrow. 

But remembered that the image that calls now won’t be the same later. 

Checked a plant in the neighborhood that started (and advanced quite a way) coming up last month. The intervening cold held back its progress. 

But it still was quite alive. 

Meanwhile a neighbor passed on his bike and said, “don’t miss the witch hazel!”  

For which I thanked him. 

And rode on to the Japan House garden, where Helebores had been starting to bloom earlier this month. 

Thought last week’s iced blooms

Would burgeon in this week’s warmth. 

But they were little changed. 


Although I’ve loved and been aware of garden and native plants for as long as I can remember, especially in the early spring, Helebores somehow escaped my notice until quite recently. It was my dear late friend Nancy who pointed them out to me. What strange and wonderful plants they are! They come up early and survive the roller coaster throes of central Illinois winter, though I guess they need continuously mild conditions to really thrive. But nice to have them to show that growth happens even in the small spaces between the cold, grey times.



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