Sunday 7 February 2016. Sky Over Meadowbrook 

34 degrees F at 6:40 am. 

Discovery II  Took me on today’s bike ride. At last, on the road! 

Saw a yard of “ghosts” Plants protected from winter Waiting for the spring.   

Thought of my troubles: They take a lot of mind space. For now they must wait. 

I crossed Windsor Road Against the light, though no cars came. Did a minor crime. 

At McCullough Creek, From the rabbit-statue bridge: Reflected sunrise.  
The water’s gone down  And the sides of the creek’s banks Are now visible. 

Saw a single deer.  Thought there must be more of them, And indeed there were.  

 Color in the dawn  Came and went and came back changed And then it faded. 

 The prairie sky spread Out over the pale grasses And dark bush clover.  

 The dried crab apples  Are a calendar that says It’s February.    

 Was glad for this ride, Another sweet sample of  The wide morning sky. 


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