Sunday 24 January 2016. Quick Winter Stop at Japan House Garden

Today at 7:15 AM  it was 18 degrees F, and the sky was clear. 

Early this morning Woke and thought about the cold Staying on my back. 

Before the bike ride Kneaded the clay of my will, And prepared for joy. 

[But before I went out, finished and submitted-on the deadline and not after!-my homework assignment for an upcoming yoga teachers’ workshop. Hooray!]

The streets were quite clear Riding into the south wind On Rhododendron

Rode to Japan House. Sun and snow and cypress trees Extended their welcome.  

 Noticed a shadow  

A simple shape made grotesque  Like our pesky fears. 

Turned in my homework, Biked in the beautiful cold. Now ready to write!

[Alternatively, “Time to have coffee!”]


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