Saturday 2 January 2016. The Sun Returns: The Pond at Japan House

This morning at 7:30 it was 25 degrees F, the sky clear, showing a high and slightly less than half-moon, the air calm. Was happy to see the sun, the blue sky!

After preparing for this afternoon’s yoga class (including working out ways to use the trestle to support straightening the knees in Supta Padangusthasana) went for a short ride on Discovery II to Japan House. The air was brisk, but was dressed for it and exhilarated in moving through it on this sunny morning. 

The welcome sun made me think about the difference between painting a happy face over troubles vs. choosing joy in the middle of hard times. My view is that nothing is solid: there alway are gaps in the struggle, moments of true peace. So why not be alert for them and use them to refresh our efforts to confront our unpleasant but perhaps necessary battles?  Seems from here that engagement with our demons can be exciting, but over time fatigue can make it less so….

Arrived at the entrance to Japan House  

 and rode just long enough to see the pond, where softly peeping pine siskins (my best guess) came to drink.  

The sun was rising over it and ice was beginning to form on its surface. 


Rested here, if so briefly, in the peace and beauty of the scene. 

Turned to go back, passing many potential images.  Especially with the smaller visual pallet of the central Illinois  winter, this is and will be a good place to visit and revisit. 


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