Saturday 19 December 2015. A Glimpse of Japan Garden

It was 19 degrees F under clear skies at 7:40 this morning as I headed out toward the Japan House garden on Discovery II.  Stayed up too late, untangling a skein of lace-weight baby alpaca yarn. What better reason to lose sleep? But the 400- yard ball is all rolled!  Clung to the metaphor of it. 

Got in a yoga practice to prepare for this afternoon’s class, thinking about how to gently help knees to straighten and to introduce the first steps to backbending. 

Then set my mind on enjoying a short ride to the Japan House Garden and on being content with just a few images. Yes, there can be eternity in each moment!

Rode in the reasonable comfort provided by mohair socks, Malabrigo mittens, and a “performance” under-layer top. Well, it was not much distance, but did get to enjoy a bit of aerobic breathing before stopping for a seasonal image at the north end of Illini grove.   

Then proceeded to the U of I Arboretum and the path to Japan house and stopped to look in the general direction of the rising sun, through the bald cypresses and toward the pond.

  In this carefully designed and maintained space are a number of markers, designating special plantings the donors that made them possible, including the one nearby identifying the currently dormant and otherwise unapparent surrounding hosta garden.  

Then turned around and went back, glad for this bit of intimacy with the morning. 


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