Sunday 6 December 2015. A Few Winter Miles to the North

Did not do the yoga practice I planned because just as I was about to do that saw that the dawn was breaking, with color, and didn’t want to miss it. 

Rode out Main Street and got the sky view from the courthouse  

 as well as farther down, behind the little grove of oaks across from the Dart plant. 

Wondered whether I’d see the fox that seems to be there every time I pass by that field on a Sunday morning, and there it was. 


Honestly, it was there, walking in a westward direction. 

Rode on to High Cross Road, and noticed this frosted furry thing on the south side of the I-74 bridge. 
  A small raccoon, I think. 

On the other side of the bridge was the place where I had tracked the gradual de-composition and dispersal of a possum road kill. Ther was nothing visible of that once-animal  

 but there was quite a bit of trash.  

Watched the sun come up over the lightly frosted cleared crop field. 

It was nice to be there to witness it.  

Stopped at the side of Brownfield Woods to catch the border of bare trees and the frosted cemetery. 

Soon reached Olympian Drive and turned west, then south on Willow and west again on Oaks. Was amazed by how close the edge of the fields came to the road.


It was good to ride some miles in the open spaces, though feet (but not hands, HOORAAAY!) were cold, and that was something of a distraction. 

Turned east onto Bradley from Lincoln then flew down the hill between Woodlawn Cemetery and Busey Woods, but not at full speed, because the road had a thin layer of frost, and could not quite abandon myself to both the relative free-fall and the possibility of slipping on the ice.  Still exhilarating with the remaining 

Rode south on Broadway and noticed that the construction had been completed. 

All the quaint, earth-colored bricks were gone; the street was smooth and no longer likely to shake the bolts off of passing vehicles. Something’s lost and something’s gained. 

Got close to some Crystal Lake geese. 


Wondered how successful the park district’s efforts to control the population had been. I think geese are fairly long-lived, so it will take a while to see whether the announced program to limit the hatch proves effective. The geese are a nuisance in their huge numbers, but I still like to see some fraction of them. 

Was happy with my 13 miles and hoped I could overcome the discomforts of winter to keep going out to meet the road. 


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