Saturday 5 December 2015. Fog and Plain Ice

This morning at 7:30 it was 28 degrees and foggy.  Was thinking since last night when the tv weather report predicted it, that Meadowbrook Park might be full of images of delicate hoarfrost. 

Before that, though, was yoga, preparing for a class that might include one or two newer students over age 80 along with the younger, more experienced ones. Never hurts to review the basics!

Rode through the “mid-weight” fog without stopping, thinking about whether deception is ever justified when trying to protect another from serious harm, to Windsor Road, where workers were installing traffic lights. 


It made me a little sad, or annoyed; seemed to me like a four-way stop was plenty adequate for the traffic at that corner. And it seems like the latest traffic lights tend to micro-dictate each permutation of passage in each direction (though this one probably won’t be as strange as the ones on the U of I campus that make all the cars stop as pedestrians cross in every direction). They may enhance safety, but I still am not used to them. 

Caught the “wonky Christmas tree” (in its “speed skating ” angle) in the fog.    

Also caught a bit of color in this oh so grey landscape, some remaining red crab apples (or were they haws?) over a bit of green grass. 


The water was high and the vegetation faded below the rabbit-statue bridge over McCullough  Creek. 

 Farther down, could see frost on the dry remains of the past season’s growth of prairie plants.    
It wasn’t the hoarfrost I was anticipating–it was thicker and mostly without the delicate haze of tiny crystals. Still, the thin coat of ice on the grasses was a different kind of delicate. 

Spotted a red leaf above the faded grasses and against the fog. 


It evoked the world “singular.” That little bit of color emphasized how much is was lacking all around. 

And here was the view from the Freyfogel Overlook. 


Pretty stark. 

Looked for Baptisia pods but didn’t see any. 

There was a ryegrass flower head, each little “bristle” of which was coated with a fine layer of ice. 

Not hoarfrost but still quite delicate and lovely. 

Once again am reminded to stay in and appreciate the present as it is and not get pulled away by exacting desires and expectations of something “better.”


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