Sunday 22 November 2015. November Snow and Ice

At 7:30 this morning it was 12 degrees F and clear. Had very carefully assembled cold-protective gear: down coat with a couple of light layers underneath, wool socks, fleece balaclava, wind-proof ski gloves, and toe and hand warmers. 

After a very satisfying yoga practice (practice to teach, teach to practice!) set off on Discovery II for Meadowbrook Park. 

 Much of yesterday’s snow was still in evidence, but the the streets were largely clear (i.e., good biking conditions).  

Against the snow, the several trees still bearing fall-colored leaves stood out, betraying the exact time of year. 

The spruce trees under which the Amanitas mushroom, when they do, were lightly frosted. 

At Meadowbrook, was attracted again to the image of the “wonky Christmas tree,”    

which looked as if it had been trudging across the landscape. 

Liked the snow-and-ice-frosted tiny orange crab apples against the clear sky. 

Stopped for a view across the rabbit-statue bridge over McCullough Creek, 


curiously snow-covered while the path on the other side was clear, and of the creek below, 


on which as yet was no ice, despite the cold. 

Rode along, looking left and right at the sun illuminating the ice at the ends of the prairie-plant remains but not stopping. There were any number of images I might have  captured, including the new management of Davis Creek and a snow “hat” on the head of the Marker statue, but wanted to stay warm as long as possible and rode on.  

Did stop at the Freyfogel overlook for a view of snow on the November prairie


and proceeded on. Approaching Windsor Road, a good stretch of the path (that fortunately sloped downhill) was covered with a rather uniform layer of re-frozen snow. It was perfect practice for ice-riding: could coast over the ice and not worry about traffic or about propelling myself.  Think sledding, think flying, think forward momentum and balance. Be bold!  How satisfying to confront this little danger, sensibly yet boldly!  Hope someday to call on this example if I should be faced with real danger. 


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