Saturday 21 November 2015. First Snow!

This morning at 6:50 it was 34 degrees F and just starting to snow! 

 It had been raining  from the time I woke up, and made preparations for a ride in the rain: sprayed the old down coat with Scotchguard and the shoes with the shoe-formula water-proofing. 

Just as I was wondering how to keep rain out of the backpack, the rain changed to snow and was less worried about it. 

Aluminum-framed Discovery II was the bike of choice this morning. Had kind of hoped to get in some miles, but when the weather slows one down, a short trip can be entirely satisfying. So the destination was the Idea Garden in the University of Illinois Arboretum. 

On the way noticed that the white iris on Race Street, despite freezing temperatures earlier in the week, still bloomed! 

 Rode on, my heart reasonably light (from an unbidden reserve–wish I could summon it at will and pass it on!) as I rode on Florida Avenue through the thickening snowfall.  

Fortunately the street was not especially slippery, but tried to ride with the awareness necessary for navigating the slick surfaces that will be here soon enough. Made a mental note to stay away from traffic as much as possible when the this happens. 

Stopped for a snowy photo near the U of I president’s house.  

 The lamppost didn’t really lean like that. 

Around the corner at the idea garden wanted to get a shot without the too-assertive (in my opinion) sign saying, “Idea Garden.” 

Liked the view of the little shelter (that I always think would have looked at home in Tolkein’s land of Rohan) with a quaint fence, a little pine tree and a bare sumac.  

Made me think of Christmas cards (a discipline I have enjoyed but never quite mastered), for which this might be a nice scene.

Had not planned to take a picture of Discovery II in the snow, but there it was, posing,  after I’d parked it and walked around a little.  

 Looked forward to the awareness that is required and developed by winter cycling!


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