Sunday 15 November 2015. Meadowbrook with Sun over the Sleeping Prairie

Had a different schedule than usual this morning, so it was almost 9 before I got out on Rhododendron for a quick ride to Meadowbrook Park. It was 47 degrees F; the wind not noticeable and the sky clear. 

The traffic was heavier than it is at dawn, and the light harsher, but must say the warmth of the later hour was extremely nice, especially with yesterday’s cold still in mind. 

Rode south on Vine Street without stopping for pictures and just enjoyed the exercise, breathing through the nose and not worrying about how runny it might get. 

Took the big loop of the Meadowbrook prairie in a clockwise direction, which somehow tempts me less to make a lot of stops for photos. 

The prairie was so brown and grey that it didn’t pull my attention too insistently, but knew that an inspection of Baptisia pods or bush clover seed heads would make me want to get a few shots. So stopped at the Freyfogel overlook to see what was there. 

Was disappointed not to find any Baptisia pods. In fact, found stalks of dry Baptisia  that looked like they’d been cut with a sharp tool and stacked next to the platform. 

 Maybe someone wanted (and obtained) the pods.  

Did get a photo of strikingly dark-brown bush clover seed-heads against the clear sky,

  fluffy white goldenrod seeds-heads,  
and a thoroughly dried cream gentian plant. 

Not to mention the grass and other plants that were in various stages of break-down.  

 Went on among the walkers and runners on the path and thought to stop where remembered there being lots of lichens on the sapling trees between the path and Davis Creek. The lichens blended in with the stems more that I remembered,  

  but they were plenty abundant.   
Rode on and stopped at the rabbit-statue bridge over McCullough Creek  
where, unlike in the middle of the prairie, there still showed some (though it continued to fade) green. 

Then proceeded back toward home, again enjoying the exercise and the view in the sun. 


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