Sunday 25 October 2015. Kidnapped by Maples

It was 45 degrees F under a mostly blue sky  spread with  wispy clouds at 7:30 this morning, after a yoga practice where I focused a lot on how to explain rolling the leg muscles in and the arm muscles out. How good it is to practice!

Afterward, it was later than I liked but just had to have some bicycle contact with the beautiful fiery maple leaves!


In spite of the shortness of time, obeyed the urge and took off in the direction of North Lincoln (normally too busy for my taste but comfortably quiet on a Sunday morning) and pedaled into the northerly breeze. It felt very good!

Rode past lots of trees (featuring fiery  maples) with gorgeous fall colors and did not stop until I was over I-74 and at the Mysterious Pit,  

the gate in front of which was wide open, and it looked like the soil had been moved around. I’m guessing there won’t be a Mysterious Pit there very much longer. But can’t imagine what will be there instead.  

Was sorely tempted to go farther north on Lincoln, but knew the time was short and so turned back. It was happily unlikely to have been pulled this far!

Rode back via the short but still thrilling hill between Woodlawn Cemetery and Busey Woods.  (Wheee!). Most of the way down, spotted the big oak tree that had been standing in water only a few (it seemed) weeks ago.  

Then all the yellow leaves deep into Busey Woods looked so inviting, so got a shot of them. 

Successfuly went non-stop through the curves and over the Saline Branch and around the corner and south on Broadway.  

But in the little prairie near Crystal Lake Pool there were quite a number of prairie flowers still blooming amid the dry foliage of late October, and didn’t want them to go unphotographed.  

There were goldenrod, 

 false sunflowers  

asters,  brown-eyed Susans

 and most amazingly, yellow coneflowers 

 as if it were July!

On top of that, a little father down, 
was an amazing display of autumn maple foliage.  

 How satisfying not to have missed it!

Then proceeded south on still-in progress but bike-passable Broadway  Avenue. 

Miss the quaint bricks, but the ride was “like butter!”

It was so good to let the pull of the season lead, another example of how a short ride is way, way, much better than none!


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