Sunday 18 October 2015.  Meeting the Fall

At 6:17 this morning it was 30 degrees, the first frost of the season. Getting to be that time of year when cycling needs preparation and also strategy for staying warm. 

Noticed there was some light at 6:15 so decided to start in the dark toget a little more time on the road. 

Rode south without stopping at the apple tree or the white irises or anywhere before or at Windsor Road (though did notice while passing forestry plantation on the southwest corner of Race and Windsor the call of a great horned owl) until reaching the City of Chamaign Prairie Restoration. 

At the sign for the prairie, the foliage from the long-bloomed-out lead plants still was recognizable.   
The goldenrod still bore some yellow flowers. 

Mostly they were fading, though still full. 

Turned back north on First Street and was struck by the fall-colored parking-lot trees against the western sky.   

By mostly just rode and enjoyed moving smoothly by my own power, noticing but not being much disturbed by the cold, taking in the passing scenes. 

My mind went inward and thought about how even a cold bike ride is nice for non-verbally processing the latest concerns and difficulties.  Thought, whatever crazy things might be happening, my decisions turning out to be helpful or unhelpful, recognizing my unrequested yet consequential limitations, etc., while I’m cycling the answers can wait, I can let the worrying and judging go and engage directly with the present as it is, like the weather.  Grateful once again for this way to make contact with the elusive present!


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