Saturday 17 October 2015. The Gentians Persist!

It was 34 degrees F at 7:10 this morning as the sun came up in a clear sky, with a little northerly wind to accentuate the coldest morning of the season so far. Brrrr! Mittens today for sure!

Made use of this cold-season pre-dawn time with yoga practice. On one hand I miss the daylight that bestows early-morning bike rides, on the other, an early-morning practice is so welcome, even necessary .  

The morning continued to unfold smoothly as I went to see the mushrooms, which, as expected, were in decline. 


And there was evidence of attack by weed whackers, alas. Who would be so barbarous? 


Well, this kind of thing had happened last year, and the Amanita muscaria mushrooms had come back in full glory.  Was glad that at least they had again been so abundant and that I’d been able to enjoy them. 

Directly rode to Meadowbrook and made a quick stop in the rabbit-statue bridge over McCullough Creek,  

where aready much of the streameside vegetation had died back and tree leaves had fallen, leaving a clear view of the prairie that had seemed so distant when the view had been blocked. 
Went on directly to look for bottle gentians, not completely expecting to see them.  

But there they were!

And there were many (more than I remember from last year) of them  

and though some were past bloom and fading 



here were plenty of azure blooms.   
It was the very opposite of disappointment!  What a lovely consolation for the end of this year’s flowers, a sweet image to carry into the approaching winter!


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