Saturday 26 September 2015. Early Fall on North Lincoln 

At 6:45 this morning, about the exact official time of sunrise, it was 59 degrees F with thin wisps of clouds spanning the sky. Got on Rhododendron knowing again that there wasn’t much time and headed north for another ride out North Lincoln. 

Wanted to stop  as little as possible but did at the Lincoln Bindery, where the little prairie was almost all brown. Still, liked how the stalk and seed heads of  a compass plant stood against the sky,  

and found a New England aster that still had purple flowers. 

Then continued from Bradley to North Lincoln, over I-74 and past Mack’s recycling and the UPS station to the “mysterious” pit, which had some nice wispy clouds above it. 


Someday, not far off, I’m thinking, it will be filled with a building or something. 

Rode up Lincoln just beyond the detour sign and stopped at the bridge over the Saline branch. 


Saw no herons wading there today; the water was too deep and fast. But the scene was lovely, with whimsical clouds, the light just coming up in the distance, and the sky’s reflection texturized in the fast water. 

Came back to the detour to catch a portrait of the place and the season: near the edge of town in goldenrod time, and while a nearby stretch of Lincoln Avenue was under construction. 


Came back to Bradley Avenue and took that marvelous little downhill spin between Busey Woods and Woodlawn Cemetery. Whee!

Remembered that a couple days ago I looked at the dark green leaves of the trees lining Washington Street and thought, “now they’re pretty much all green, but soon this will change.”

And sure enough, there was one of the first little patches of red, across the road from the large oak tree that last week, but not today, stood in a puddle of water. 


Then went on around the curves and over another crossing the Saline Branch: a lovey little morsel of vacation in the woods but not a good place to stop for photos. 

Stopped at the Anita Purvis Nature Center with the bag of cherry chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I’d made for the food pantry walk later this morning and even carrying along, hoping someone would already be there setting up and I could drop them off. Alas, no one was, and had to go to plan B. (Which did work.)

Stopped on Broadway to catch these amazing yellow coneflowers 


which apparently didn’t know how late the season was. 

Made my way through the construction zone on Broadway next to Crystal Lake Park  (no pictures) and on with the day. 


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