Sunday 16 August 2015. Dawn at Meadowbrook and Some Miles on First Street 

It was 68 or 70 degrees F (consecutive readings on the phone weather ap, and really thought I could feel both temperatures in the layers of air. 

Really wanted some therapeutic miles this morning, but also knew Meadowbrook Park would be full of late-summer flowers (e.g., cardinal flowers), grasses, and images of them in the early light.  So decided to loop Meadowbrook and then head south on First Street. 

First stopped at “my” organic apple tree.  

A little farther down was drawn to a full cluster of surprise lilies.  

The trip was not quite so express, already. 

Noticed fog down toward Windsor Road, more photographic temptation.  

At Meadowbrook, the light still was too low  to get a decent shot of my main objective there: cardinal flowers. So turned toward the Race Street pavilion and walked Discovery II  over the little wooden bridge across McCullough Creek (rather low and

 quiet these days) toward the “Art and Billee Spomer” prairie.   

Once there was greeted by blooming big bluestem, beaded spiderwebs strung among its blades and the sun coming up behind it all through the waning fog.  


It was not hard to find things to photograph.  

 Every step presented beautiful images (the sky and the spiderwebs alone!)  

and knew I had to stop and leave or would be there a LONG time not doing anything else before it was time to go home. 

So with great resolve turned around and got back on the paved path, headed for the rabbit-statue bridge and the cardinal flowers. 

On the way saw a nice view of the sun coming up over the fog and some early goldenrod. 


And on below the rabbit-statue bridge, the blazing red cardinal flowers were not disappointing!  

 Was glad to see the several plants on both sides of (mostly dry) Davis Creek 


which promised their continued presence at this site in the future. 

Again tore myself away to make some miles on South Race Street. Caught the sun above the southwest edge of Meadowbrook, the ground soft and misty. 

Then turned west on Old Church Road and then south on First Street and stopped at the prairie garden with all the cup plants on the west side of the road.  Not long ago royal catchfly had bloomed here, but could not find any trace of them left. Still, plenty of joyous yellow cup plant and compass plant flowers remained. 


Then continued south till the trip odometer hit 11 miles, to the edge of Tolono. 

Turned back and enjoyed a mostly uninterrupted, reasonably comfortable ride, satisfied especially with the balance of  catching the visual beauty on the way and feeling the soothing sensation of riding. 


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