Thursday 13 August 2015. West on Windsor 

It was 66 degrees F at 6:35 this morning and mostly clear. 

Ah, so much is going on these days! Had a particularly great need for another long ride, as continuous as possible, so chose Windsor Road to the west. 

Rhododendron was in the shop to repack the crank and front wheel bearings so rode Discovery II

Did stop for a shot of “my” apple tree

with its many smallish, spotted apples and interspersed bare branches. 

Rode on Race and turned west at Windsor, and rode some more. It was good to ride without stopping. There was a fair amount of traffic, which tends to discourage me from stopping for photos. But felt safe in the bike lane and rode on, savoring the feeing of smooth, continuous movement. 

Felt grateful once again for the new bridge over I-57 with its bike lanes; remembered how narrow it used to be, and carrying  all that traffic. 

Rode past I-57 up to a residential street, Mullikin Drive, where I looked north and noticed a bridge over a stream (Copper Slough, according to Google Maps).   Turned onto Mullikin and stopped just long enough for a look into the stream. There noticed a great blue heron standing in a riffly place.  

Always it’s a treat to see those tall, handsome wading birds. 

Then rode on, unbothered by the morning rush traffic. Was beguiled, though, by a particularly velvety dark green carpet of soybean leaves and could not resist getting an “iconic” portrait of central Illinois. 

Farther on was taken by the apples dropped from an overhanging tree, and especially the morning sun hitting them and making long shadows on the bike path. 

  Rode toward home. Approaching Race Street there still was construction, and this time opted to risk the sidewalk being open to the intersection rather than thread among the construction materials or line up with the cars.   It was!

The long, continuous ride was so soothing, as if mixing all the jumbled lumps of concern and difficulty into something smoother and more integrated.  Cycling like this does help me stay sane. 

The hybrid bike was comfortable, making me wonder whether or not my big bike investment should go into a road bike. Need to gather more data….

Meanwhile, I am liking the longer rides!


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