Tuesday 28 July 2015.  Yankee Ridge and Meadowbrook  

It was 73 degrees at 6:15 am, and my schedule allowed for a mid-week morning ride!  

Missed the moment of sunrise but did catch a nice morning sky. 

Headed south on Race street on Rhododendron just to ride, with a planned stop on the way back at Meadowbrook Park. 

Rode to Old Church Road and glimpsed the Barnhart Prairie Restoration from the west (uphill) side.  Saw a nice cluster of blooming prairie dock with compass plant nearby. 

Wondered why they seemed to be more abundant here than at Meadowbrook. 

Got a shot from the “summit” of Yankee Ridge at Old Church Road, the view of the contours below somewhat obscured by the covering of tall corn. 

Turned north at Philo Road, even though a sign said “Road closed ahead.” Figured a bike could navigate the construction zone. 

Actually felt a little sheepish defying the instructions because a few workers had started on the day’s job, and it seemed a little rude to cross their stated boundaries. But the street was minimally disturbed and soon I was past the “forbidden” zone.  


Next time I’ll go another way. 

Turned into the northeast entrance of Meadwbrook Park and headed for the Freyfogel overlook.  The way was bedecked with prairie bloom, and the scarlet of almost-ripe blackberries!


Baptisia and rattlesnake master still added white accents.  

Stopped at the Freyfogel overlook and succeed in spotting the royal catchfly, but did not go out for a closeup.  


From inside the overlook got a view of a resting tree swallow. 


Near the overlook was happy to find purple prairie clover with (pink) Monarda and (purple) showy tick trefoil. 

Saw plenty of healthy, happy-looking yellow cone flowers.  

  (Yellow) rosinweed flowers asserted their radial design against the cloud-textured and blue sky

with tall Coreopsis in the background. 

Once again, it was good get out and be a witness to the height of summer. 


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