Sunday 5 July 2015. North High Cross Road with Fog

This morning at 5:30 it was 61 degrees F and clear, according to the phone weather ap, though the sky from inside the house looked rather grey. 

Headed out on Rhododendron for High Cross Road via Main Street to the north. The clear/grey sky disparity  was explained by the presence of a light, heterogeneous fog. Felt a bit sad not to be going to Meadowbrook to shoot beaded spiderwebs or check on the queen-of-the-prairie, but wanted a ride without a lot of distraction to try my new “Strava” ap for the first time.  Just hope it doesn’t eat up too much data. 

Near the courthouse saw the sun-disc not too high but clearly above the horizon; it was red and mild, easy to look at.  

 Stopped for another glimpse of the sun across from the Dart (factory) plant, through the little oak grove by the train tracks.  


Rode by Weaver Park. Did not feel up for an  expedition to the interior, but did stop for a photo of the edge, where there were plenty of summer prairie flowers to see:
 Monarda, yellow coneflower, Black-eyed Susan, right there, easy to see. 

Cut through the Beringer subdivision and then North on High Cross. 

The sun rested serenely over the dewy soybeans, behind the fog.  

Liked the slight roll of High Cross Road, the little up and down stretches both going out and coming back. 

Rode to Ford Harris Road and then went on a little farther because it seemed like there was more fog up ahead. Was surprised to ride into a patch of air that was quite noticeably and abruptly warmer and more humid.  

Do love being so intimate with the morning and its weather. 

It was a lovely 14 miles. 

Really want to do 60 for my upcoming birthday, but am not getting very close to that right now. We’ll see. Guess there no rule that says I have to do it all in one day. 


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