Saturday 27 June 2015. Catching Up at Weaver Park

It was 61 degrees F at 6:00 AM (still having trouble not fussing with this and that additional task before departure !?), the sky with plenty of irregular clouds, especially close to the horizon, but enough space to intermittently let the sun through.  

 It seemed when I woke up that the birds were thrilled to have, at last, a good dawn chorus. Unfortunately was not there for the break of dawn, but still was glad to be out, today on Rhododendron, the front tire of which seemed to be holding air just fine since I filled it last week. 

Again time was short, but recently have been working hard to let go of regrets about plans that don’t produce exactly the intended results. So just aimed for Weaver Park and rode fast. The odometer wasn’t working very reliably. Alas, would  have to keep track of mileage mentally. 

Weaver Park was wet. And, as I’ve mentioned before, there is no path, except for the grass in front of it and a path that gets mowed from time to time, in to the “buffalo-wallow” pond. In addition, the ground was quite wet

and it was hard going on the bike. So got off and walked for a good part of the way to the pond.  You really have to want to get to the pond to make this trip. 

The trek was worth the effort; Weaver Park was delightfully arrayed with blooming rosin weed,  



Culver root, 

 purple coneflowers,  


as well as foliage of cup plants and those “overachieving” compass plants. 

And was not exhaustive in my inventory. 

Expected to see more water in the pond, but it was mostly covered by water lily pads in the middle and cattails on the edges. The edge of the pond was, though, quite a bit closer than I remember it, the result of high water, no doubt.  

It was a lot to see for a short visit!


2 Replies to “Saturday 27 June 2015. Catching Up at Weaver Park”

  1. I was in search of an image of spider wort for a fb post on my new discovery that all parts of the plant are edible when I happened upon your photo – and blog. I enjoyed the read and stayed awhile. I, too, will be 60 this year and I live rather near you. I love your pictures and hope take many of my own of nature. I recently acquired a bicycle and hope to take up riding again. Finding you and your photos and your blog felt like a kindred spirit was inspiring me.

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