Friday 5 June 2015. Under the June Fog

This morning at 5:10 it was 66 degrees F, the sky with wide, thin streaks of clouds, many tinged with pink.

My scheme to meet the sunrise every morning in June has not gone exactly according to plan. It’s harder to get up and squeeze everything in than I recall it used to be; what can I say? Observe, accept, move on.

Rode Discovery II and headed to Meadowbrook Park.

Saw the cabbage roses

and “my” apple tree, which had, along with lots of little apples, some dead branches, alas.

Noticed a discrete patch of fog at Race and Florida, like a little cloud that had landed. But didn’t get a photo.
Saw another patch behind the spruce trees where the many fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) mushrooms had been last fall.

Was curious as to whether there might be some spring mushrooms there, and in fact, did see a mushroom.

But it was a fly agaric, the same kind as
carpeted the ground under the spruce trees last fall. And then saw more, some quite good-sized. Was surprised; thought mushrooms were restricted to a certain season. It was like seeing Christmas decorations up in June. Wondered if they just weren’t finished with their fall emergence when the cold weather came and were determined to complete it.

The fog was patchy and thick in places.
At Meadowbrook, it made for dramatic views of McCullough/Davis creeks

and of sunrise over the prairie.

There were several enticing views.

Quickly got a photo of a dew-spotted blue flag iris.

And then of a deer standing back in the fog among the spiderwort. Mysterious.

Checked the lead plants (Amorpha canescens) by the Freyfogel Overlook.

The flowers still were not yet open, though the clusters of spikes in bud were an attractive pink themselves .

So on this June morning was priveliged to witness the green prairie, sprinkled with blue and white flowers, and resting over it was the fog, like a comforting blanket.

Felt comforted being out in the June fog.


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